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Originally Posted by gswift
I've found that bringing Vader and Boba helps, because they don't get targeted by the Ion. (not sure if they are immune) The same goes for magna cannon. Bring in the falcon and Katarn. The hero ships are powerfull enough to turn the tide. Also, the Accuser's special attack still functions, if you can get it close enough before it's disabled..
First, im playing the campaign and I cant recruit heros, I only have vader, the emperor and veers (the last two are worthless in space).

Money or ships arent the problem, but just throwing ships at them until the enemy is destroyed ... thats boring. Until now I managed minimal casualties in all my battles. There is only one planet with a small fleet (5 ships I think), thats the only one I try to take, the rest will get nuked
The Ion Cannon can disable 3 of my capital ships before the first goes online again (or even more, havent played longer ). So throwing ships at them shouldnt really work, these damn ion cannons can shot every 20 seconds lol

Edit: These Interdectors should have a ability to jam ion cannon targeting around them, the rebels are already overpowered in space and land (one word: artillery).
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