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Originally Posted by General Kenobi
Well Stoffe I'm impressed with the latest release of the armband combat arena BUT no matter what I do I have the same problem across all of the versions it's had.

I do EVERYTHING your supposed to with the arena fine, BUT when I hit the band again to go back to the spot I left in and it crashes. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I know it's installed correctly.
Make sure there is a "string" (value) in your globalcat.2da named ST_LAST_MODULE. I'm pretty sure that is what gets "set" once you use the armband to enter the arena. If you've warped to the arena, you may be in trouble

Also, and I'm not sure, are you loading the arena from a savegame? If so, does anyone know if string values actually "keep" the value stored if you exit a game.. or is it a temporary memory sorta thing?

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