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Originally Posted by Darkkender
I can't recall stoffe but does this mod have any texture files included in it?
Well, there was one texture included in the latest version, but not in previous versions which has the same problem reported by a handful of people. And textures with the wrong dimensions would cause crash when the object using that texture was spawned (e.g. when entering the area, not leaving it).

Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da
Make sure there is a "string" (value) in your globalcat.2da named ST_LAST_MODULE. I'm pretty sure that is what gets "set" once you use the armband to enter the arena. If you've warped to the arena, you may be in trouble

Also, and I'm not sure, are you loading the arena from a savegame? If so, does anyone know if string values actually "keep" the value stored if you exit a game.

Global variables are stored in the savegame for the duration of that game. Local variables stored an on object are stored in the savegame as long as its "host" object is in the save game. I.e. if you set it on the player character is sticks for the rest of the game. If you set it on an NPC it vanishes when that NPC is destroyed or the Area it exists in is cleaned out from the save game (determined by the modulesave.2da settings).

If the ST_LAST_MODULE Global didn't exist in the game (overwritten globalcat.2da from another mod) the armband shouldn't let you warp out at all since no destination module would be set. So I doubt the problem is caused by this.

* * *

It's a difficult problem to track. Since I get the impression that these crashes does not happen to everyone but me, but rather just some people, it shouldn't be caused by me forgetting to ship a file I have in my override either. If that was the case it should crash for everyone else.

So the only thing I can think of really is a conflict with another mod I don't use myself, and I can't figure that out on my own. (Unless other people's games are more sensitive to mistakes for some odd reason.)

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