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I just used to capture what I can, defend it to the max and steal all tach I can, before moving on to the mission planet. I only used a limited ground force of 10 tanks and a few Y-wing squads for bombing run and some plex troops to capture landing zones and build pads. My fleet was about 99% Gunships, just because they can fire through the shields of enemy ships. I used them to take out hangers real fast (but not as fast as Y-Wings though). Also decent against fighters and stuff. They even chew up Victory StarDestroyers and can hold their own against even the mighty ISD. Considering that they only cost a bit. I completely rely on the space station to take out any incoming fleets. Even the one you'll meet later and have to take out got blown to bits near the first station they met on Corellia. Even final battle was way too easy for me, just massed my fleet and with hundreds of gunships their own fleet couldn't do a thing. Most importantly I think you should prepare for your next fase before doing the mission.
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