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Originally Posted by Admiral Raven
Wow, those strats are really useful and should help me alot in my new empire campaign!
Thanks. Since I wrote that, though, I've realized that I value shield generators more than turbolaser towers, so I edited my post to reflect that.

Turbolaser towers are ominous-looking, but the enemy usually takes their time and just sits back with artillery to out-range each one, or sends Plex soldiers (if it's the Rebellion) to stand right next it - where it can't shoot them - and blast it with their rockets. With a shield generator, you've got a better fortified position, behind which you can station your artillery to blast anything that breaches the shield.

Originally Posted by jedi3112
My fleet was about 99% Gunships, just because they can fire through the shields of enemy ships. I used them to take out hangers real fast (but not as fast as Y-Wings though). Also decent against fighters and stuff. They even chew up Victory StarDestroyers and can hold their own against even the mighty ISD. Considering that they only cost a bit.
Hmmm, I think I've underestimated gunships. I think I'll try them in my next Rebellion game.

So far I've focused on using just frigates and corvettes. I do love the Corellion Corvette. The things owns enemy fighters/bombers, is very fast, and holds up nicely against Tartans. Maybe a 7:3 mix of Corellian Gunships and Corellian Corvettes? (If I can get the initial fleet load to do that.)

I still don't care for the missile cruisers though. Marauders and Broadsides are just too slow and fragile - more so than their advantage of range offsets.
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