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Originally Posted by ScorLibran
Hmmm, I think I've underestimated gunships. I think I'll try them in my next Rebellion game.

So far I've focused on using just frigates and corvettes. I do love the Corellion Corvette. The things owns enemy fighters/bombers, is very fast, and holds up nicely against Tartans. Maybe a 7:3 mix of Corellian Gunships and Corellian Corvettes? (If I can get the initial fleet load to do that.)

I still don't care for the missile cruisers though. Marauders and Broadsides are just too slow and fragile - more so than their advantage of range offsets.
I have modded the Marauder and Broadside out of my game, and I made them as usefull as a concrete parachute as well, just for the few you get when starting. Only use they now have is to soak up blasterfire, but they didn't do that very good to start with.

I actually replaced the Corvette and Y-Wing with the gunship, though the gunship doesn't annihilate small stuff as fast as the corvette does, it can take them out quite rapidly, add to that the fact that it's rockets penetrate shields. So you can just blow up the hangar with ease. The few lasers they have aren't worth using, so you don't have to bother taking out the shields first. just go straight for the hangar and weapons. I must admit that it's not as good at this as the Y-Wing, but it's much tougher. Another thing is that it's systems can't be destoyed, so you have to destroy the entire ship. Taken on artillery cruisers quite well as it's special is the engine boost.

Tips on using it;
Target the most valuable systems, don't worry about shields
When shields get low use the engine boost to get out fast

Another advanced tip is timing the last volley to be the destucting volley as is fires untill the system is destoyed (and not untill it has launched enough missles to destroy the system), but you'll need some experience with the damage it does first. That way you have far less wasted rockets/shots and as a result you destroy fleets and the like a bit faster.
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