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Originally Posted by SkorLibran
It also takes a lack of conscience - easy when playing the side of the Empire.

Commander of disabled ship: "Sir, if you leave us here, they'll destroy us."
Fleet Commander: "OK. Thank you for serving the Empire. Have a nice day!
Reminds me of that great scene from the Battlestar Galactica miniseries when Roslin orders the fleet to abandon helpless civilians...

See, I find it helpful to bring an ISD along, let the ion cannon zap it, and then keep it in the back - protected - while my Victory destroyers come to the fore and engage the enemy. With any luck, the Rebels will try to keep the ISD disabled and continue to fire the ion cannon at it--that's all the ISD is for, to draw ion fire. And if the Rebels forget about it and try to disable the VSDs that are pummelling them...then, whoops, ISD on the loose!

I think the Star Destroyer still spawns fighters even when disabled, though I might not be remembering correctly. In that case, the ISD's fighter complement can come in handy.

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