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Stoffe do you use the German version or English? Also I don't think it's the tga for the unique drexel either since this problem has been present for me since your first version so don't think that's it.

The MOD conflict thing could very well be possible due to my HIGH level of installed mods. It doesn't give me any warnings or anything when installing either. Well one for a "you already have this tga in your override folder but thats normal (for me since I had it prior to release anywho).

It couldn't be a graphic card thing or anything could it? I use Nvidia here on both of my IBM's and it crashes on both.

I don't have time now but tonight I'm gonna try to do what ChAiNz up there said as that's a good suspect too.

Ooh and yeah loading from a saved game. Fairly fresh one 2 days old or so. It WAS started with one version of the arena then I upgraded. I wouldn't think that would be it would it Stoffe?

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