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Originally Posted by General Kenobi
Stoffe do you use the German version or English?
I use the UK-English version of the game. I don't know if there is any real difference between that and the US-English version.

Originally Posted by General Kenobi
The MOD conflict thing could very well be possible due to my HIGH level of installed mods. It doesn't give me any warnings or anything when installing either.
Just a wild guess, but it could be some other mod that doesn't expect you to warp out to some unknown module and then return. But I doubt it since it doesn't just happen when using the armband in one specific area (at least AFAIK).

How early during the transition out of the Arena area does the crash occur? Right away, or after the loading progress bar has advanced a bit?

Originally Posted by General Kenobi
It couldn't be a graphic card thing or anything could it? I use Nvidia here on both of my IBM's and it crashes on both.
I use an ATI Radeon card (9800Pro), so I suppose that's a (weird) possibility. While I don't see how the graphics card could have anything to do with it, stranger things have happened (such as Java suddenly no longer working when I upgraded my ATI drivers some time ago )

Originally Posted by General Kenobi
Ooh and yeah loading from a saved game. Fairly fresh one 2 days old or so. It WAS started with one version of the arena then I upgraded. I wouldn't think that would be it would it Stoffe?
That depends... If, in your active game, you haven't been to the Arena area before upgrading to 3.0 I don't think it should make a difference. If, however, you have already been in the Arena area in your current game while an older version was installed, the Arena module is already stored in your savegame, meaning dynamic content will be from the old version rather than the new one, while static resources will be from the new version.

This can be fairly easily fixed though by taking a savegame (when you are not inside the Arena area) and opening the savegame.sav file with an ERF editor. Then delete the st_arena.sav file inside the savegame.sav and re-save it. Now a new instance of the Arena area will be created from the latest template the next time you warp there.

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