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. It’s going to be much darker, much more character-based, and I think it’s going to be everything the fans always wanted the prequels to be.
So McCallum is admitting the fans didn't get what they wanted with the prequels? Wow. So I guess we'll be getting lots of female nudity and gruesome deaths for Jar Jar I take it? Heh... Appealing to fanboy fantasies could be a disaster though, look at how it has wrecked havoc on the EU...

It's going to be the Howard Stern show, starring Yoda and Chewie with recurring guests Boba Fett, Darth Maul and various Twi'Lek porn stars. Or maybe the Jerry Springer show, Star Wars style... yikes (I think Ian McDiarmond would make a good host). Maybe a "Crocodile Hunter" type show featuring Super Shadow and his giant sqwaking lizard pet. To a dark place this line of thinking will take us...!

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