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I program in a middleware language called BlitzBasic and I've made a map-editor and lightmapper for my own purposes, and I also do 3d art/animation. If I ever found myself at home on sick-leave for a month or two, I'm taking a swing at The Dig 3D :P Curious on everyone's thoughts of this, what could a developer bring to 3d adverture games that is lacking? Quest for Glory 5, Leisure Suit Larry 8, etc have all been falling short (in my opinion) on conquering a genre which I think should still be as strong as ever. I tried making a 2D sequel way back when, but my drawing skills weren't up to snuff, so I ended up going to college for digital art and dumping Dig 2.

If I ever get the twinkle in my eye again, I'd love to know what you guys wanted to see (game function-wise). I like the idea of a toned down "Metroid Prime" first-person experience for a "The Dig 3D" It promotes exploration, a type of inventory and use system conducive to adventure games, and certainly makes you feel more involved. The downside is that the players of a first-person game expect to have a weapon in-hand and ammo readouts and monsters coming from all directions, but who's to say it couldn't be fun without all that? Thoughts?
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