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Thinking about different ships has just given me an idea on how k3 could start out.

You start as a force sensitive with your own ship, which is very small (2 people max). You fought in the mandelorian and jedi civil wars and have done some work as a mercenary. Through this you have had a bounty put on your head and the game starts with you escaping the latest atempt by a bounty hunter to capture you. In the attempt your ship is damaged and you take refuge on a remote planet, which as luck has it there is a small jedi academy there. You decide that this would be a good place to hide out and the skill you will learn would help you evade the bounty hunters in the future.

Once trained you could use your ship to go out on missions for the jedi and then later aquire the Ebon Hawk, maybe somewhat like you did in k1. As for the main plot, i can't be bothered to get into that.

So what do you think? I know this is not quite the right place but it is ship related.

To answer your question, i would have a mentor, droid, tech specialist and former sith/dark jedi.

Another great idea by the people who brought you beer milkshakes!
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