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Mine would be: You start as a young force adept hired by the Republic to investigate what happened to Revan and the Exile. You had been instructed by the likes of Vistas, Briana and Mical, at either Malachor or Coruscant (depending on the kotor II ending), but since they don't know much themeselves you know only basic skills. You're small ship explores the Unknown Regions beyond space known by the Republic and eventually encounteres a Large Space station orbiting a planetless star, which serves as a community meeting point for the section. Most of the inhabbitants are from neighboring regions and have heard only tales of the Galactic Republic. You meet a bunch of interesting characters, like a band of Pirates mercenaries who preyed on ships in the wake of the Jedi Civil War, and a young hotshot female pilot/gunner who knows them, and a armored angry Bounty hunter who survived Taris. You ask around and hear talk of some ominous danger lurking in space nearby. And you get a basic idea of which direction to go searching for the threat. You also get the opportunity to answer questions about the exile and Revan in the last two games because they passed through here too. Soon the band of pirates and you get in some sort of argument. The leader of the band is a sort of wannabe Sith, because he managed to get a hold of a lightsaber, but is not very proficient because his force potential is untrained. Soon you see either Mira or Hanharr get into a confrontation with a large group of them. A bar fight ensues you, you, your female gunner, and the bounty hunter flee on a ship and head to the planet that was suggested to you and find the edge of teh Sith empire.
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