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So i guess no ones watching any movies at the moment then? Fair enough. I'd hate to double post, but that's frankly the only way people are going to see this. I'll give a quick rundown (again). Let's see.

Went and saw the Weatherman, quite enjoyable, some funny jokes, but overall, I'm not sure if Nicholas Cage's character was likable enough for me to get behind him, 3/5.

Two for the Money, frankly, a very weak story, Pacino is, well, he's Pacino which some may find to be the only winning quality of this movie. 2/5

The Matador, very funny, nice story, but drags a little in the middle, would have gotten a 5 if it weren't for that as the performances were great. 4/5

And finally, V for Vendetta. What can I say, Blow stuff up, sprout some Shakespear, blow stuff up some more. But still, inspirational speeches, interesting and somewhat surreal scenes, good characters, great story and even Natalie Portmans British accent can be forgiven. 5/5

Right, now I'm off to make some eggs in a basket.

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