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A KoToR 3 Idea...

Hello all!

I have this idea on how KoToR 3 should be based technicaly so it have a future of evoluving...

First off, the developers that is going to make the 3rd game in the serie should make it soo its an open world, and it shouldnt have much of a Start and End.

Like in the early games you had this when you finish the last Boxx, Malak or Kriea, the game will end and you wont be able to wonder around on the many planets and places.

Now, this may and will effect the way the game would be, but I believe that when it have this specific way of being, it have a future as an MMORPG, or an Online Game, Multiplayer function.

The reason I am saying that it should have the potentially is, we are moving
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