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Smile Jedi Skins- pack2

Here's the Ki-Adi Mundi Jedi skin, for those who have not seen it. Also, this is an Episode II Obi-Wan I will be releasing as part of pack 2.

**PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF THIS** EVERYTHING FROM THE NECK DOWN ON BOTH KI-ADI MUNDI AND OBI-WAN ARE NOT MY TEXTURES!!! This is something I made for fun, as a fan of the movies and the games- not an artist. I have (and can make texture similar to these, I just chose not to due to time restraints on my personal schedule) I did tweak some of the textures using filters, but I take no credit for them, apart from the heads.
(I also borrowed the mole that haps made from his episode III obi)

I also do not have permission to use these so I will not be releasing them until I have permission from both Marz and Haps.

In summary-

Omeewan: made the skins for the heads of both models
Hapslash: made the body for Obi-Wan
Marz: made the body for Ki-Adi

You dig?

Originally Posted by omeewan
I figured this would go good with the 501st skinpack. Not to mention it would look great on Mygeeto.

Keep in mind I just started it tonight. I've only worked on the head using the same photorealistic techniques I usually use. The Body is still Marz's version- tweaked using filters and the dodge/burn tool. I don't know if I will make my own body texture due to time restraints and other projects. We'll see :P I know Psyk0 doesn't mind me reskinning and releasing the model- I had done it before when I was with AOTC and he really liked it. So if Marz doesn't mind me using the body I don't think I'll be making my own.

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