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Hi, I wonder if anybody can answer my question about KSE 3.3.3. In KotOR 2 I decided to use it to prevent Handmaiden from breaking up our 'relationship' due to Visas. (she angrily asks "Why are you here?", to which I have a few options to choose from, each of which ends in "everything's over"). This happened suddenly, after I returend from Korriban where I had had Visas only as a partymember (no chat, no influence) I got a cutscene of a quarell between Vivas and Handmaiden.

Using KSE I have tried to increase Handmaiden's influence (even up to 98) and Good/Evil stats but this simply isn't working and I get the same response. Decreasing Visas's influence etc. didn't help either. I have also tried look into 'Global' where imporatant game-events seem to be stored but no matter what event concerning Handmaiden I enable or disable this doesn't have any effect when I load my savegame.
Does anybody know how to effectively change relationships within the party (particularly Handmaiden vs. Visas) using KSE? I think there must be something in Global but even if I knew the right option/event that triggers this unfortunate conversation I still don't know what value I should enter there.
I post in this thread since I'm asking about KSE so I guess it is the best place (I didn't want to get a reply "Perhaps in KSE you can do SOMETHING about it").
Plase help me,
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