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Gee, you think we could just have a sticky topic or official topic called something like "Your ideas for K3s story" because I've seen so many threads about how you want it to start. Whatever, I've never posted my idea...

It starts out on a very quiet planet, very similiar to Korriban. Wind howls, and some dust hangs in the air. Then, you see Revan walking on the surface. (You'd just have to assume playing as him has a logical explanation) He heads towards a large structure, when suddenly some...uhh...True Sith (that sounds lame) come and attack him. He pulls out his lightsaber and the game takes you through movement and combat first, followed by all the other basics. Sometime later you get inside the building and come across the leader, but he's too strong for Revan, they fight and stuff, but you have to run. Revan hides in a ditch, close to death, when the Ebon Hawk arrives with Bastila! Hooray! They take him back to Coruscant where he heals, then the Republic begins a war against the Sith Empire. Oh, and your party members will be Bastila, Carth, T3 and HK-47, and some new characters, with all the old ones that can still be alive making an appearance. Jolee as a Master on the new Council, Juhani as a General in the war, maybe Mission as a dancer (just kidding).

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