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Originally Posted by stoffe -mkb-
Change the Global Numbers 000_Hand_Finale, 003EBO_Visas_Hand and 000_Hand_Angry to 0, and boost the Handmaidens influence enough to make sure that Visas don't have 30+ more Influence than she has. That should fix the problem.

I was doing the same things all the time, however, for some reason I overlooked "hand_visas", which in my case was set to 2. As soon as I switched it to 0 I can chat with Handmaiden again.

BTW. It seems a bit confusing that being nice to Visas gives you LSP (the only possible way if you want to be a good character) but decreases Handmaiden's confidence, who is a good character as well. I guess even if you want be a total light side character, you can't be so good all the time...
Moral choices - this makes this game soooooo intersting
....and KSE is a wonderful tool when you were too good

Thanks again guys. I really appreciate your help!
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