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Originally Posted by Asg_007
It seems a bit confusing that being nice to Visas gives you LSP (the only possible way if you want to be a good character) but decreases Handmaiden's confidence, who is a good character as well. I guess even if you want be a total light side character, you can't be so good all the time...
It's one of the design decisions in the game I'm not too fond of, requiring you to metagame to keep your party together. Extra annoying since Visas is much quicker to get influence with than the Handmaiden.

You can be nice to both, as long as Visas never have 30+ more influence than the Handmaiden. I.e. you have to speak to the Handmaiden first to boost her influence. Then you can talk to Visas all you want without any problems. It's the influence difference that causes the Handmaiden to go crazy.

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