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Alright heres my idea.

You start off as an ex-jedi who has been hiding on a remote planet (maybe hoth or something). You have been hiding like some of the oter jedi in TSL and you consider yourself a coward for doing so. Anyways, your decide to innoncently walk the terrain of the planet when you come upon a broken up T3 unit (take a wild guess who that is). When you come up to it, because it's all screwed up, it starts playing a recording on what happened. Apparently the ship it was on (coughebonhawkcough) had been boarded by some weird speceis which you later learn are the True Sith. Then this scene starts where it shows HK-47 and a jedi (Exile because he had the ebon hawk last) blasting up the True Sith. When suddenlyy one of the True Sith takles the Exile through the hatch and they start fighting outside. To make a long story short HK and T3 get overwhelmed and get beaten up big time (HK loses some of his parts again) and the exile is taken prisoner onto their ship.
After this very long scene your ex jedi happens to look up and see a very battered ebon hawk.
Maybe later i'll finish this weird begining but i am so hungry so ummm peace
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