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Hmm, I don't know about other people's experiences, but I remember my brother and I had some interesting experiences on the MSN Gaming Zone for JK1/MotS back in the day (circa 1999-2001). Sys ops would periodically ban people for small infractions while ignoring people who spammed racial insults or homosexual insults, etc. They played favorites and got into people's proverbial faces. The complaints area had a long line and most of the time your browser would crash or you'd give up after waiting so long (or they'd give you 2 seconds to respond and then move to the next person in the queue so if you were distracted for a second you wouldn't get your complaint in). Maybe that's changed since those days, but I really got disgusted with "The Zone" and basically gave up on it back then. Their software seemed very unstable as it had to be updated every week, and yet the quality of the interface seemed not to really improve significantly despite all the updates. mIRC it was not...

But, maybe things have changed, I just haven't cared enough to go back and see though I guess (I've been back to the Zone since then maybe a half a dozen times total, mostly just to check something, not to sit and play for hours).

I agree though, limiting a game to one service is typically a recipe for disaster. They obviously made a deal for $$$, but that doesn't mean it was the best thing for players. Oh well...

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