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Well my local arts cinema just showed Seducing Dr Lewis, a full month before it's being released in the UK, which was cool (plus it was free!)

The film was also really, really, really good... it's a Canadian-French comedy about a remote island village of 120 people living off welfare after their fishing industry died. They need to sign on a doctor full time so that they can have a factory on the island and have jobs for everyone, but no doctor wants to live there... until, that is, one doctor agrees to stay there for a month, whereupon all the villagers have to make him fall in love with the island so that he'll stay on. They do that with lies and by tapping his phone, though... hilarity ensues.

If you want a comparison, think a cross between Amelie, Goodbye Lenin! and Father Ted.

Everything's perfect about this film and it's definitely a must-see if the above description tickles your fancy. One for the DVD collection methinks... 5/5
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