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Bastila is still very young in the first kotor probably early 20s...TSL was 5 years later.

I 'm thinking Kotor III would be several months later so

Bastial would be maybe 27.

Canderous is quite old for a warrior, but i think he has Mandalorian blood which will make him hardier and older than you might expect from an ordinary human. By Kotor 1 he had already fought for over 40 years. I'm thinking maybe his late sixties.

Vistas i had no idea.

Revan was a Jedi Knight, and had to be potentially able to romance 38 year old Carth and Jedi Padawan Bastila. So early mid thirties.

The Exile might be aroudn the same age, perhaps slightly younger....or older i don't know.

of course this all depends on when a Kotor III would be set.

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