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LOL Revan, the pic with his mouth open is just to show that the mouth is functional for SP...LOL, leeches...
And which one did you like better? Buffy likes the younger and Selek likes the older...I need a tie breaker here!

Ok Buffy, I'll try to make the eyebrows longer but for some reason, they are distorted on the UV map when I do. I'll see what I can do for you though. This model is very tough to skin, and has a few clipping issues. If Aaron was still around I'd ask for his help in changing just a few things on it.

And Selek, as far as Palpatine goes: I tried but I can't seem to find a decent model for him - I reskinned the toonces Palpatine and it came out OK with the hood, but the non hooded version looked very stupid because the hair was flat. (and I really want to make a palpatine without the hood.)

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