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I Keep thinking that Revan was in his late twentys in Kotor I, because he was really something special (more or less another Anakim) so he probably was not more than 22 years when he left the order to go to fight the mandalorians (Besides i don't remember who said it but in one of the games they say that Revan and Malak found the jedi training to be really slow, so they were or padawan when they left, or the just got promoted). Plus the 5 or 6 until the jedi civil war is over, plus 5 more to kotor 2 let's say he (i know he can be a she a but for me is Revan male, Exile female) is 33. I think that Kotor III should begin one year, not more, later, because i doubt the exile will take that much to find him
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