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Jae, if you study explosives, you'd be surprised what will and will not explode. One thing that causes a lot of problems every year are dust explosions in grain silos. A spark ignites the dust and it goes boom. That is all I did.

Hai Wan, This is a vignette from that anthology I am trying to create. This is part one of 3. The next segment will be ready in a few weeks unless the muse decides to show up and drag it out.

As for the encyclopedia Galactia: as Douglas Adams would say;
Send your request to Encyclopedia Galactia, 1000 StarFarer Way, Number 17A. Please enclose $150 for the five disc set, and 1.79 Quadrillion dollars for postage and handling.

Thank you all for your kind comments. After doing some polishing and editing, will start on part 2.

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