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Cool. Thanks for the tip. I didn't uninstall BF2, though, because of difficulties in playing the game... I just find BF1 to be more user-friendly... easier playability. I can list several things I enjoy MORE in BF2 than BF1, but-- as a whole-- I simply enjoy the first one much too much. I tend to sink my interests devotedly (obsessively?) into such things one-at-a-time. I'm totally cool with BF2, but there ARE some big changes made between the games, and I'm WAY too impressed with BF1-- moreso than BF2, believe it or not-- to devote my game-time elsewhere right now.

Excellent advice, though, and I thank you for offering it. I shall reinstall it soon enough. Right now I've just begun to explore the wonderful world of mods, and am using the extra memory for that.
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