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Man, just off topic for a sec... I haven't been to the Zone since Quake II... hasn't it changed alot?. The LINES i can remember those distinctly, but they were quite efficient. Then the rumors broke out about the favourites. So it isn't new. Moderators tend to play favourites alot. Hell, you would too even if you knew u shouldnt.

it's hard to think, why is he doing this... or why doesnt he ban this dude. Idiots that usually spam always have someone higher up, so they know they can just get a slap on the wrist.

[On Topic]

It is truly disgraceful, i have spoken with Delphi when i noticed the spamming on the first few days, he said that the bot would work. Or there was a filter for a reason. Which kinda turned me off from the game. I dont go there to IGNORE people, i go there to Play... I would volounteer to moderate, i'm there almost everyday trying to assist people with firewall issues
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