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Hey Everyone, this is my first post so dont turn the blasters on yet or break out the Sabers! But I have had these thoughts running thru my head. Ok we are told that the force has always existed. Now why do we have choose Dark and Light when stories of the ancients are told of them using both sides of the force freely without restraints like Yoda. Why cant a grey with Extreme sides of the forces exist. Not everyone wants or has time to save or kill everyone and even good guys use people.

Take Lord Vader he can Force Crush yet he was always a good guy at heart. Uhhgg even I hate to admit that. Revan and the Exile can use both sides of the force freely but take more Force point hits if they use opposing powers. Dont get me wrong I know its a move and game being compared but I am just trying to get some thoughts out here. On why one must have a loyalty when there is no reason to be loyal and the only person to succeed has been Luke Skywalker and Even he states that anyone can master all force powers and all that matters is how you use it.

Hmm ok well not sure if its understandable what I meant but hell its my first post here. Please get back to me let me know what you all think
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