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It shows the opening logo, then...

It has been four months since the JEDI EXILE dissapeared into the unknown regions to search for REVAN, hero of the Jedi Civil War. AS countless JEDI KNIGHTS fall to mistyrious attacks from strange humanoids. Meanwhile, BASTILA SHAN, lone surviving Jedi in the know, has given up on waiting and is preparing a search party consisting of Revan's companions...

You see Bastila gathering supplies and piling them onto the Ebon Hawk, where Carth and co are preping the ship for takeoff. Carth gives her the thumbs up that they're ready, and Bastila heads to the boarding ramp. But before she reaches it, an invisible hand shoves her out of the way and closes the hatch. Bastila turns to see a black robed figure with a blood red lightsaber charging at her, only to have himself thrown back himself with a Firce Push. he retreats, heading to the top of the hangar and Bastila follows him, leaping up and seeing no person on top. This is where you begin the game. You learn the controls, like jumping, slashing with your saber, Force powers, your health anf Force bars, and equiping things. You finally catch up to him and engage in a lightsaber duel, learning how to block now as well. What do yuo think?

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