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Originally Posted by MachineCult
Ecthelion, The Clone Wars comics are excellent, and alot of the EU in the SW Databank (canon) is from comics.
The main reason I haven't tried to read any of the comics (besides not being a comics fan) is because of the whole "die and come back 17 times" thing that's so common in comics. After looking at various online sources on Durge and Asajj Ventress, I know I couldn't read those comics and retain any measure of realism. In my book, when people die, they stay dead. I don't care how powerful your "regenerative" powers are, blowing up = dead.

The Star Wars books I have read have all had believable characters, although I should note that I've only read a few of the books. I have heard that there is out-of-character - and otherwise unrealistic - stuff going on in some of them, like Boba Fett surviving the Sarlacc. Please don't bother showing me that I'm wrong about Fett - I consider that part of the EU "apocryphal" (I can just imagine it's some other bounty hunter impersonating Fett :P).
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