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Well, Omee, I'd say you mastered the Quake 4 look. Lol. Because I have Quake 4 and it is very very close. Very nice Omee.

Also, I hope to see SWG clone stuff soon. Im not rushing, Im just saying Im excited for all of your fantastic work.

I hope Im contributing alot of good things to you. I mean, for instance, giving you good reference and enthusiasm.

And I'd say since you have alot of friends here, that should help alot to you. I mean by rooting you on, seeing how you could improve, etc. Though, everything I've seen from you, I dont think you'd need MUCH improving on. You mastered the art of photosourcing + adding your own touches to it to make it more movie realistic. I love your work Omee, and I'll never cease to be amazed by how an awesome skinner you are.

I support you in everyway.


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