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Sweet lord! That Kamino map is very cool Buffy. I like those screens too! Too bad we don't have a little mini Boba to throw in there hehe.

Thanks man. You and Zappa do help out a lot via ideas, criticism (the constructive kind) and most of all enthusiasm! Thank you, and keep it coming.

Light Ninja:
As I stated in an above post, I do agree with Pahri and Light Ninja- "Tienes razon mi hermano." :P little spanish there from a fellow latino. The shaders on Obi do shine a bit much. They make him look like he is too sweaty. I'll tone it down slightly tonight and play around with the look. Hopefully I'll have some screens tonight.

Mace, Kit and Anakin look just about right- at least to me. Qui-Gon looks OK, maybe I'll turn his shaders down a bit too- not sure about that one.

And lastly "V for Vendetta" was...OMG....I... I....
What an awesome, awesome, flick- too say the least. If there is a modeler that can read this: MAKE A V MODEL!!!! lol

"Sometimes you have to enter the darkness in order to save the light..."

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