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another thing, jedi academy has been pretty much abandoned by raven as soon as it was released. there are uncountable amount of "exploits". yaw, poke, wiggle, multitude of delays, extends, gbfs, jump axes, etc etc, theres hardly any point to whinge about them at this point in time. yes an axe wiggle will do 200, but so will a front-on gbf. all the top players use at least 1 exploit at some point and in the end, the most skilled players would still do better. random crazy beefed up m_yaw wiggling does not = win, you still have to hit them first. as a side note, most staffers that plays gets hammered by singles, but its not as simple as saying no poke etc for red would change that around, you also have to stop the staff exploits to make it fairer ... in the end the hypothetical situation would be completely ludicrous and unrealistic.

another thing. the comparative sample size for players changes matters greatly. there are far more single users than staffs, and there are even less dualies. there are also a much larger number of above average skilled single users than staff users of compartive skill. so in most cases as mentioned before, the single users will ccrush staffs, but the best staffers can hold their own against top singles in duals and ffas. that works for dualies too... but i dont think there are more than a few good dualies players playing... and most of these are proficient in all 3 styles ..

anyways enough of my ramblings

edit: btw this is all based on empirical evidence, i didnt actually study the foundational sabering system or anything llike that because that would be pointless - noone actually plays that way.
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