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I wanted to expand on the idea that I presented earlier...that the Exile might be a good example of a "jedi" to lead or be a major part of this third alternate group...

After reading through some threads in this forum and other forums, I think that one of the most intriguing aspects of TSL is the unknown nature of Darth Nihilus. Many people have offered there theories trying to explain exactly what Darth Nihilus is and what it means to the TSL storyline. I think that the most interesting things can be taken directly from the game itself:

1. Nihilus was born of malachor - Kreia
2. He is an empty void in the force that always hunger - Kreia
3. He feeds on the carnage of the loss of the force - Kreia/Visas
4. With no loss of force to feed on, he will be weakened - the Exile/Kreia
5. I saw a graveyard of ships/nothing but a man - Visas after taking mask
6. Upon his death is absorbed/evaporated into darkside energy?
*did some paraphrasing

Now consider these things about the Exile:

1. As he is now, he is a product of Malachor
2. He gained strength from his loss of the force
3. He also has a void in the force/but does not "hunger"?
4. He is immune to Nihilus's attempt to feed on his force energies
5. If darkside, has the same ability to feed on the foce - is told that this is an instinct that is very difficult to learn - Kreia
*again did some paraphrasing

Looking at all these things I started to wonder if there was a deeper connection between the Exile and Nihilus. Could it be that Nihilus and the Exile are the ying and yang? The Neo and Agent Smith? In other words, polar opposites that exist in harmony when together but would destroy the balance of the universe if apart? Was Nihilus the void in the force that was created when the Exile severed his connection with the force at Malachor? If so, then did Nihilus die or join his other half? If all of this supposition is true then the Exile would be the perfect example of neutrality in the world of the force.
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