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Just a reminder, the SW Databank really isn't itself canon (we've never been told this), only the movie section is a summary of things that are accepted as canon, but is under constant revision, assuming it is accurately written in the first place. Likewise the EU stuff is canon (C-level) also assuming it was accurately translated. The behind the scenes stuff is a gray area, since it may or may not have anything to do with how the movies and EU stuff fit together in the current continuity. To see a more reliable and comprehensive source for determining canon continuity stuff (and no, it's not wikicities), check out The Holocron.

100 episodes isn't an unreasonable goal. The goal of any tv (non mini) series is to get the minimum number of episodes commonly required for syndication rights, which I believe is 100. That doesn't mean they really will get 100 episodes, only that this is the minimum goal for the show to survive long term on the tube. It all depends really. Some shows have been cancelled after only a handful of episodes being aired, while others stretch on for years, despite poor quality. Look at some of the later Star Treks, that stretched on for years after they were past their prime. Once they crossed that magical 100 episodes mark they got more leway. I don't know how it all works, but that's what I've read anyway. Hype for Star Wars was at an all time high, but I'm not sure that they will be able to keep it up until the show is actually ready. Now that the movies are done, are two tv shows (one of which is a rehash of an existing microseries) and 3-D re-releases of the movies in theaterse really enough to guarentee high ratings?

I'm certain that a lot of people will probably watch the pilot, but after that it's anyone's guess. If it's bad, it'll only be watched by a small group of hardcore, diehard fans. And it's been demonstrated time and again that a big budget, but mediocre series can't survive on the viewership of a small hardcore group for long. Even good series's have been cancelled for various reasons. So Lucas is taking a big risk with the tv series, perhaps even moreso than with a movie, which is more or less a one shot deal and can have a life on the home market (much harder to market a season box set as is so commonly done, which will cost the consumer a lot more to buy, meaning they'll have to be a much bigger fan). On the other hand TV shows can spread by word of mouth and that sort of thing, so sometimes they get free advertising (moreso than a single movie).

We'll wait and see. It could go either way, but TV shows for a popular franchise always risk running it into the ground since they need to keep coming up with new material to keep it fresh.

My advice to Lucas is to have as much of the series planned out in advance as possible, have a writer's bible and stick to it. Put competent people in charge, not just "yes-men" and people who want to imitate the latest "kewl" stuff in entertainment these days. The formulaic, deus ex machina type stuff so characteristic of latter day Star Trek would not be a good model to follow. Unfortunately, Lucas himself seems to be the type of guy to want to constantly re-invent his stuff (and has he ever done a tv series? I don't think he has, only smaller specials, few of which have been successful), so I guess he should get the best people he can in charge of this show.

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