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What the hell are fighters good for?

I've played the game a lot and the space battles really bug me.

Specifically, fighters are worthless. What the hell do you need them for? They kill bombers fast, but so do anti-fighter/bomber CORVETTES.

One Tartan Cruiser will OWNX0R 8-10 squadrons of fighters, more and faster if it uses its special ability. Corellian corvettes, same deal.

All you really need is capships and corvettes with optional bombers on the flanks as a kamikaze squad. My bombers rarely survive even without running into enemy corvettes, but at least they do the damage before dying.

Capships and corvettes pretty much just OWNX0R the **** out of everything. I mean your enemy can spam bombers but if you micro your corvettes even slightly, there is no way in hell their bombers are going to get the jump on your capships.

Fighters/bombers just seem to die way too fast to be of great use, the only different between the two is that bombers are good vs. capships and hardpoints whereas fighters... well, see the title!

Anyone got a second opinion? Maybe I'm dumb?

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