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No, no no no!!! Fighters aren`t useless... Few X-Wing squadron can take out Tartan, especially when it use it`s special ability. Just put on the special ability of X-Wing, and Tartan won`t hit it! The accuracy is too low.And, corvettes and other ships are too slow to make some part of the job, and, for example, 10 corvettes are no match to 5 lvl station, but 4 X-Wing squadron and 6 Y-Wing will take that station with easy. Ofcourse if it don`t manage to call Tartan lol.... X-Wings will draw their fire, and Y-Wings will take down Hangar and, one by one, turrets.

stinghers.... No fighter will stand against Marauder or Broadside, one single rocket can take out 3 squadrons

Orao, X-Wing costs 300 credits, with Mon Monthma 225, and Corellian corvette costs 1300.... Tartan 1250(or more)

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