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Distorted great point. I think that if you really want to start examining the game you will start to see some very interesting things surfacing...the relationship between the Exile and Nihilus is just one of them. I think that it is important to look at the relationship between the other Sith Lords and the Exile as well...Sion the one that can't turn away form the force v. the Exile who did turn away from the force; Traya (either in the form of Atris or Kreia) the betrayer v. the Exile who either gives loyalty freely or demands loyalty...

The contrasts between the Exile and all of the sith lords seems to be magnified when you play LS, but are still present w/DS. How do those relationships help to define not only who the Exile is, but what he means to the KOTOR universe? And probably more importantly how does that relate to the Exile's relationship/comparison with Revan?

I think that the Exile's unique (and I say unique because I would be disappointed if this feature was used again) ability to influence an individual and either turn them LS or DS, gives him a unique responsibility. How else could you have a character that is so adept at forming force bonds but willing to sever his connection with the force...this thread has been talking about the importance of a third path - what is more important to a third path then understanding the universe w/o a connection to the force?
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