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Originally Posted by stingerhs
another possibility for fighters is to throw them at corvettes which leaves your capital ships open to attack the corvettes, even with low health or sheilds. fighters do have their uses if you use them properly in the first place.
Isn't this like feeding rabbits to a lion? Corvettes cut through fighters so quickly that it doesn't even slow them down (on higher difficulties at least - on "easy" fighters may have more of a chance).

Originally Posted by Orao
In Movies we saw the corvette only once in Episode IV and Tartan is pure product of X-wing vs Tie Fighter.
Actually Corellian Corvettes also made prominent appearances in Ep. VI, and very briefly at the end of Ep. V as well.

And I think I saw Tartans in Ep. III - a group of four of them set a ways off from the Venators at the beginning of the movie - same aspect and formation, but it could have been a predecessor ship of some type.

(Oh, and I never thought Acclamator frigates or SPMA-T artillery walkers appeared in a movie until I watched Ep. II again.)

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