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Originally Posted by
Ima wondering, why do you want Bao-Dur to be a lightside Jedi when following the darkside? Everywhere in your DS influence walkthru I read you want to have him LS (by losing inf when you PC is DS) while having the entire party DS.
Is there some kinda benefit you get when Bao-Dur is LS instead of DS?

- Glux
From post #1


This guide has been written with the following assumptions in mind:

1) Players will not want to make Light Side choices while playing Dark Side and vice versa.


4) Players (wanting to follow assumption #1) will not go out of their way to gain influence with a party NPC that is clearly diametrically opposed to their PC's alignment (see Stuff You Should Know, If You Don't Already). Exception is made in the case of Kreia due to the fact that she's never happy with your choices, no matter what you do.
Bao-Dur is one of those characters that you cannot (sufficiently) influence with DS acts. In order to gain sufficient influence you will have to do LS acts which totally kills any attempt to roleplay.

In other words, it's possible but since it is outside the scope of this walkthrough, it's not included here.

I hope that helps.
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