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I can no longer stand silent in midst of such newbish conversation.
Every unit in EaW is useful to strategic degree. Those who think otherwise lack knowledge of strategy. Xwings are strategic units with scenario-specific advantages.
Early-game they are best utilized for scouting opponent mining builds and expansions. Mid and late-game they provide useful waypoints for hyperdriving capital- and cruiser-class ships into opponent mining facilities or into the rear of an enemy-flanking armada for surprise attack.

Know that xwings do have shield and hull strength as opposed to tie fighters that have only hull strength. Therefore, never engage one xwing squadron with one tie squadron in a nebula as the nebula renders sheilds useless. Ties will demolish xwings in 1 on 1 battles within nebulas considering equal unit upgrades.

These are few basic xwing strategies.
Fighters are useful to the strategically inclined.

Learn, grow, expand. God gave us ability. Use it.

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