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Those advantages are only for space skirmishes. For campaigns and galactic conquest games, X-Wings have greatly reduced value for almost any purpose.

In those scenarios, there are no space mining facilities, and on the tiny space maps flanking an enemy means leaving a capital ship with no corvette escort for protection against bombers, plus the fact that he can be easily isolated and crippled, eating up 3 or 4 slots in your pop cap with no benefit gained for the rest of the battle.

The best strategy on these maps is concentration of fire. This means having all your ships within weapons range of the same enemy ship, and in one group in order to provide covering fire to each other.

Believe me, I'd prefer larger maps and a higher pop cap, so that flanking/pronged/time-offset attacks would actually be useful in campaigns and conquests. But as it stands, the best strategy is the simplest one: one large group attacking the same enemy ship until it goes boom, then another, then another.

And in that setting, properly-used corvettes eat fighters and bombers like Cheetos.
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