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I agree...I have played both games (KOTOR 1 & 2) with the belief that both aspects of the focre have their strengths and to be truly powerful I would need a character that would be able to use both L/DS powers. Charisma has always been one on my most important stats because of this - and I usually tried to employ the same thinking with the NPC party members when it came to levelling up. It doesn't hurt that some have higher charismas to begin with (Visas Marr for sure, can't remember off the top of my head for any of the others)...That in combination with the fact that your companions, "the lost jedi" (according to Kreia), have also been exposed to life without the force - it's benefits and consequences - would be very appropriate to at least sit on this council of "grey" jedi, if not be a part of it's order.
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