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*Is stunned, like being hit with a large rock*


I guess I can only say three things:

1. ForceMod III changes a lot, but it doesn't change the flip anims. This is based on the changes to the Force Powers.

2. To make quotes, use the [ quote ] tag minus the spaces between the "quote" and the [].

3. Although I appreciate your agreement with me, personally attacking Lathain here won't prove anything. I say this from my own experience. Though I admit that debate with him is a little... frustrating... I learned not to attack him.

Take it from the viewpoint of verbal arguing. If passersby see you getting red in the face and screaming at someone, it makes that someone much more credible, because he looks like a sensible person who's stuck with the unfortunate task of dealing with a red-faced screamer.

I respect your viewpoints; you do have excellent points (I never could get the backflip+attack to do anything unless meeting someone in mid-air behind me counts) but please keep the attacks to a bare minimum. Thanks.

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