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Originally Posted by KyleOfHarpenden
nah i recon after the game u should just ahve free play so u can go round and ether conqure or defend but it would start 2 get boring but i can never complete the side quests in time so maybe u could complete them after the game and even if its bad after u do the main story edleast ull have something 2 do and maybe u could find out more about people in ur party
In time? There is no time limit, like Kensai said. You have until eternity to finish the sidequests before the game, as the game won't progress until you want it to.

And what are you supposed to do after the game is over? Once the story ends, the game ends. You don't just rove around and do nothing except fight or explore, that is what you do during the game. KOTOR is a lot about the storyline, so... why make it so it's not? I want to play KOTOR because of the story, not because of the fact that you can mess around forever, even after the end.

Seriously, aren't you able to find out about your party, finish sidequests, and fight all within the actual game? This isn't EaW or BF, so like Kensai said, conquering/defending planets isn't within the style. And as for "at least having something to do", well... you have the whole storyline to go through, so...
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