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Originally Posted by TK-8252
Sadly there's not much interest left in JA for these types of large projects. Even the Dark Forces mod has slowed down dramatically.

You'd be better off starting a MotS mod for an unrelated but superior game, like Half-Life 2 or something. Can't beat the Source engine.

Mysteries of the Sith was one the best games I ever played, slightly exceeding the greatness of JK IMO. I would love to see its brilliance in story, atmosphere, action, and adventure brought to the light of a modern graphics engine just as TK suggested. HL2's Source Engine is perfect because the community is huge, the engine is powerful yet not too cumbersome (coughDoom3cough), Steam can deliver, and the technology gets updated frequently.


Hopin' LEC is going to get on track and bring us a decent JK for the JKers of 1997.
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