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Chapter 4: Reconnecting

Ashira-Li and Obi-wan had taken off in the shuttle and were just leaving the atmosphere when Qui-gon and Kaedra landed on Bandomeer. Haras knew to expect them and ushered them in. Qui-gon remembered the etiquette that Ashira constantly reminded him of when confronting one of her people and he accepted the hospitality though his impatience was showing. Haras noticed the expression but made no rush to say anything but rather observed the rules of proper behavior and serving tea. Settling down on the cushions, Kaedra spoke first, “We seek that which is lost.”

“Yes, I know. They had just left when you arrived,” Haras replied and sipped his tea.

“You didn’t try to stop them?” Qui-gon asked.

“Why should I when she decided that she was going to learn what she had forgotten,” Haras replied. His comment was more directed to Kaedra.

Swallowing a bit, Kaedra said, “You know that she was exiled from the Bushida for following you and that business with Xanatos. Well, she is seeking out the masters who know of her family.”

“Why would she do that and drag my padawan into it?”

“Perhaps a connection exists between them. Trained together they did?” Haras asked.

“Yes, as younglings,” Qui-gon replied.

“Let me explain something,” Kaedra began.

The shuttle made its way into the Unknown Regions, straight to the Avalonian system. It was by habit that Ashira-Li decided to land on Andorra. She was familiar with the enclaves that were hidden there but in the troubled times, many were destroyed from local disputes and the masters had scattered. Knowing the risks, she decided to land the ship in the main port. There was already enough suspicion in the air and she decided that there was no need to add to it.

Almost immediately they were greeted by the local security forces and they were not in a mood to chat. The leader of the forces, Lt. Sakiyana asked them to halt, “You are to be detained for the time being.”

“Any reason why lieutenant?” Obi-wan asked.

“You are being held pending investigation of the supply vessel that was sabotaged on its way to Bandomeer,” was the brusque reply.

“What was so special about that rust bucket anyway?” Obi-wan responded.

“I can’t answer that for the moment. You are to be escorted to the detention center until quarters can be made for you. In the meantime, you will have to surrender your personal arms and any druids until the inspection is complete. Do you understand this?”

“Yes,” Ashira-Li responded before Obi-wan could say anything.

“Good,” and Sakiyana led them to the force cages in the detention center.

Once alone, Ashira-Li sat on the ground in a cross-legged fashion and mused more to herself than Obi-wan, “I had forgotten.”

“Forgot what?” Obi-wan asked.

“Forgot the planet, the people, everything. When I was…when I left, I left behind everything and did what I could to forget it.”

“Ah and when you forget that part of you, you are no longer whole,” a cryptic voice startled them both.

“Who are you,” Obi-wan demanded.

“I am Krayus. Pardon for my intrusion.”

“Why are you being held?” Ashira-Li asked.

“The Force has willed it,” that was enough for them both to realize that they were speaking to a Jedi.

Curious, Ashira-Li asked, “How did you end up here?”

“Times are troubled now. I was on my way to Bandomeer myself searching for you Handmaiden.”

“You are mistaken.”

“Your manner tells me you are a Handmaiden but keep to your past and we will focus on the now. Patience we must have if we are to be able to leave this place,” and Krayus closed her eyes and began to meditate. Following suit, Obi-wan and Ashira-Li did the same. Just being on the planet was a faint energy source reconnecting to what was once lost.

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