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Hehehe... I think that if Obi-Wan was killed by Maul there would be questions.

*** Interveiwing George After EPI ***

Interveiwer: Mr. Lucas many of the Star Wars fans are curious about Obi-Wan's death. Did you find it hard to bring Obi-Wan back to life twenty years ago? What type of obsticles did you have to overcome to bring him back to life? Do you believe that a Jedi can become so powerful in the force that they can will themselves backwards in time, and come back to life in a movie made twenty years ago?

George: (While Smoking Some Strange Substance.) Originally, Obi-Wan was supossed to be Jarjar Binks. You see Jarjar was a great and powerful Jedi who killed off Exar Kun, and went into a time machine...

Interviewer: (Cutting off George.) Man. That must be some harsh stuff your smoking. I think the fans would apprechiate an answer.

George: (Takes Another Puff.) Yeah. Well, I decided to rename the Episodes, and create another triology that will explain this in depth. Episode IV will be the Phantom Menace, and Episode IX will the Return of the Jedi. (Takes Another Puff.) The new prequal triology will be based upon Jarjar, and why he hides in the shadows of a primitive peoiple under the sea. It will be based upon his exile from the Jedi Council. I will call the first one Episode I: The Big Mistake.

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